Legal pad and pencilinitial consultation

So you aren’t sure if you really want to hire an organizer, or maybe you don’t really think you need an organizer. The initial consultation is the solution. The service is complimentary, without obligation and will give you an idea of what The Neat Freak can do to help you in your space. A rough time estimate will also be established so you will know what it would take to change your space AND your life from cluttered to calm. Ahhhhhh…

 organizing with a pro

This is where the professional organizer gets to shine! I will get right into the thick of things and take a hands-on approach to reorganizing your space. We will work together as a team to sort, purge and relocate your clutter. Let’s get started!

messy bedroom

needs assessment

This part of the process includes an on-site visit and a needs assessment to initiate a plan of action. We will discuss how your space is functioning or not functioning for you and determine the source of your disorganization. Then I will guide you on where to start and what steps are necessary to redesign the space so that it can function for the way you live. I will create a time estimate and propose a realistic schedule for your project. Physical layout of space and the possibility of using your own staff or family members to assist you will also be addressed.

Hand holding a document folder, white background

 master organizing plan

The plan will serve as a guide for your personal quest to organize your space. It will be typed in an easy to follow format and will include a thorough description of ways to change your space and ideas on time saving systems.

Planning your day, A day blank day planner with a blue pen

follow up visit

You know you are thinking it…”I bet it doesn’t stay organized!” A follow-up session makes sure it does stay organized by assessing how the implemented system is or is not working. You will not have to fend for yourself if what we thought would work does not work at all. I will check-in with you by phone, e-mail, a site visit, or a combination of the three to see how your newly organized space is functioning. If all’s well, GREAT! If something is not working then we will work together to figure out where the breakdown in the system is and FIX IT!

green plant in a vase and candle stand in living room

 shopping for the home

We all have a list written down somewhere or bouncing around in our head of little things that we need to buy to make a room complete. It may be a lamp, a picture frame, a rug, even a hand towel for goodness sake! During the personal shopping time I will hunt for that perfect thing to complete your room. You don’t have to be there. You’ll just get home and there will be the “thing” that has been eluding you for weeks, months, maybe even years! What a wonderful feeling!

free delivery stamp on white backgrounddelivery of items

You get to make money in the process! The Neat Freak offers complimentary delivery of items to charity and complimentary drop-off and processing of consignable goods. The tax write-off and cash proceeds go to you!

corporate archive boxes on shelf

 organizing products

Let’s say you need four plastic shoe boxes, twelve packs of post-its and a roll of duct tape to complete your project, and you want The Neat Freak to go buy them. Let me purchase these necessary organizing products for you...your space will be organized AND stocked with all the supplies you need to get the most out of  your day.